take outという英語フレーズには、12通りの意味があります!「持っていく、連れていく」がエッセンスとなる意味ですが、幅広い事柄に対して使用されます。



take outの意味や例文|標準アメリカ英語でのお手本動画

take outの意味|要約・箇条書き

  1. (他の場所に)運ぶ、動かす
  2. (ある範囲内で)動かす、連れていく
  3. キレイにする、洗浄する
  4. 命を奪う
  5. (危機的状況になり得るシステムを)破壊する
  6. 付き添う、護衛する、守りながら送り届ける
  7. 招待する
  8. 生産する、作る
  9. (銀行からお金を)引き出す
  10. 借りる
  11. 支払いをする
  12. 防ぐ、防御する

*以下は、take outという英語フレーズの定義と例文になります。

take outの意味|①(他の場所に)運ぶ、動かす

例文:Can you take out these boxes of books and store them in the garage?

take outの意味|② (ある範囲内で)動かす、連れていく

例文:Can you take the dog out for a walk?

take outの意味|③ キレイにする、洗浄する

例文1:Can you take out a few more blankets from the closet? It’s going to get very cold tonight?

例文2:Can you make sure that all the straight pins have been taken out of the altered suit?

*“altered suit“ means “adjusted suit; the suit that modified to fit own physique.” 自分の体格に合わせて調整されたスーツ、サイズ直しされたスーツ。

例文3:Can you take out this ink stain from my white shirt?

take outの意味|④ 命を奪う

例文1:We need to take out the informant before he testifies. (犯罪者のことば)

Note: “Informant” means someone who gives information to someone in authority. 情報提供者、証言による捜査協力者。

例文2:The mob boss ordered his assassin to take out the politician who was investigating the gang’s illegal activities.

Note: “mob” in this case refers to “an organized crime family.” 犯罪者集団

Note: “assassin” means “one who kills, or attempts to kill, by surprise or secret assault”. 暗殺

take outの意味|⑤ (危機的状況になり得るシステムを)破壊する

例文:The storm took out all the electric power in the neighborhood.

take outの意味|⑥ 付き添う、護衛する、守りながら送り届ける

Note: “escort (verb)” means “to attend with a view to guard and protect.”

Note: “with a view to” means “with the purpose of or looking forward to.”

例文:May I have the honor of taking you out to our country club’s formal dinner-dance next month?

take outの意味|⑦ 招待する

例文:I’m planning to take my father out to see the Yankees game next week.

take outの意味|⑧ 生産する、作る

例文:He was advised to take out a patent and trade mark for his new product.

Note: In this sentence, “patent” means “the right or privilege granted for possession by a sovereign authority.” 権利、特権、特許。

take outの意味|⑨ (銀行からお金を)引き出す

例文:I need go to the ATM and take out some cash for tonight.

take outの意味|⑩ 借りる

例文:With your membership plan you can take out three video games for one week.

take outの意味|⑪ 支払いをする

例文:Your union dues will be taken out of your paycheck.

Note: “dues” means “a membership fees for belonging to an organization or club.” 会費

take outの意味|⑫ 防ぐ、防御する

例文:The offensive guard took out the blitzing linebacker to protect his quarterback.

Note: “blitz” means “a sudden intensive attack.” 突然の集中的な攻撃。

Note: “linebacker” is a defensive football player who trying to stop the movement of the other team’s player. 他のチームの選手の動きを止める役割の選手(アメフト用語)。