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guyの動画辞書|Joshua’s English Dictionary

英単語guyの意味(箇条書き)|Joshua’s 英語辞書・英英和辞典

  1. 大人の男性、人、人物。A man.
  2. 怪しい外見の人物。A person of strange looks or dress.
  3. (複数形guysで)人々、男性や女性、あるいは両方。(plural “guys”) A group of people, male or female.
  4. 何かを固定するロープ。A rope used on tent or pole to keep weighty things in their places.

Joshua’s Seven-Step Method -効果的な英語勉強法-

Joshua’s Seven-Step Methodで、英単語thinkの発音や意味、使い方をマスターしましょう!


Step 1: guyの発音の仕方 | Pronunciation
  • American : /ɡaɪ/
  • British : /ɡaɪ/
Step 2: 語源 | The Word Origin

This word, “guy” is derived from Old French “guier.”

It means “a rope, chain, or rod attached to anything to steady it.”


Also, Guillam (French for William) was a very common name that it became synonyms with the average man.



The modern meaning of “a person of strange looks or dress” is derived from “Guy Fawkes” who was involved in a plot to blow up Westminster Palace in England on November 5th in 1605. Since then, the English have burned an effigy of him on Bonfire Night.

Note: “blow up” means “to burst forth with sudden violence and noise.”

*「blow up」の意味は、「爆破する」。

Note: “effigy” means “the image, likeness, or representation of a person, whether a full figure, or a part: an imitative figure.”


現代の「怪しい外見の人物」という意味は、「Guy Fawkes」という人物が起こした事件が由来となっています。彼は、1605年の12月5日にイギリスのウェストミンスター寺院を爆破しようとしてしまいました。その時以来、イギリスではその夜に焚火でその人の肖像画を焼くという風習が行われて来ました。

Step 3: 現代の意味・定義 | Definition

The modern usages of this word are:

First meaning, a man. 大人の男性、人、人物。

For example – She is standing behind that guy in the white suit.

Second meaning, a person of strange looks or dress. 怪しい外見の人物。

For example – He is a strange guy.

Third meaning, (plural “guys”) a group of people, male or female. (複数形guysで)人々、男性や女性、あるいは両方。

For example – Do you guys want to go hang out with Joey Donuts?

Note: “hang out” means “spend one’s free time in relaxing or idly.”

*「hang out」の意味は、「どっかに行く、ぶらぶらする、気分転換をして過ごす」。

Fourth meaning, a rope used on tent or pole to keep weighty things in their places. 何かを固定するロープ。

For example – There is good YouTube Video which shows the importance of using guylines when putting up tents.

Step 4: guyの派生語・関連語


Step 5: guyの語形成要素



Step 6: コロケーション(単語の自然なつながり)

A collocation is the natural connection of words.

Used as a Noun.



He’s a tough guy, but not too smart.



She said that she will only date a guy with money.

Step 7: guyの頻出フレーズと例文

guy who

I met a guy who can help you get a good deal on a used car.

Note: “get a good deal” means “buy at a discount.”

*「get a good deal」の意味は、「値引きで買う、お得な買い物をする」。

guy in

I could ask a guy in our office to help you paint your house this weekend.

guys who

He knows some guys who always play poker on weekends.

guys have

Those guys have been causing trouble in the neighborhood.

guys with

In Texas, I saw guys with guns on their shoulders walking down the street.

guys in

The guys in that car look like gangsters.

guys do

Those guys do not like guys like you.

guy on

I saw a guy on the train who was so fat he took up three seats.

Note: In this sentence “take up” means “to occupy: to fill the space of.”

*この例文における「take up」の意味は、「占領する、占有する」。

guys like

Guys like him usually die young.

guy like

I once knew a guy like him.

guy named

Do you know a guy named Joseph Milano?

guy you

That guy you were just talking to is a mafia hit-man.

guy has

That guy has killed twenty-five people.

you guys

Do you guys want to go hang out with Joey Donuts?

guys don’t

Most guys don’t like watching ballet.

kind of guy

He’s the kind of guy who secretly enjoys watching ballet.

do you guys

Do you guys want to form a doo-wop group like Sha-na-na?

Note: “Doo-wop” is a genre of rhythm and blues music that originated in African-American communities.”


Note: “Sha-na-na” is an American rock and roll doo-wop group.


with a guy

She went on a date with a guy who worked as a lion tamer in the circus.

Note: “tamer” means “one who tames wild animals.”


with this guy

What’s with this guy wearing that T-shirt in here?

for a guy

I’m looking for a guy who is good at picking locks.

Note: “pick a lock” means “open a lock using an instrument without proper key.”

*「pick a lock」の意味は、「正式なカギを使わずに、道具を使って鍵を開ける」こと。

did you guys

Did you guys hear what happened to Joey Donuts yesterday?

lot of guys

I know a lot of guys who are tougher than you.

see you guys

See you guys tomorrow!

with you guys

What’s with you guys? Stop acting so crazy.

for you guys

I’d do anything for you guys.

Note: “I’d” is an abbreviation of “I had, I should, or I would.”

*「I’d」は、「I had、 I should、 または I would」の略語。

one of the guys

He’s okay. Just one of the guys.

I know you guys

I know you guys have good connections in the construction business.

Note: Recently “guys” can refer to a group consisting males and females.

As in, I love you guys.


Great job! 素晴らしいです!